zarutobi Level:34

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zarutobi Level:34

Post  [-D-] Ddraig Goch on Sat May 03, 2008 5:20 pm

Vampire zarutobi

Level: 31
Strength: 135
Defense: 84
Agility: 84
Stamina: 40
Defense bonus: Busy
Experience: 4622
Health: 31.4

Blood rage

Hattori Hanso Gold

leather armour (Level 2)
Devil's ring
Ring of luck

Twin hound

Attack: 17
Defense: 17
Stamina: 17

Battle report from 03.03.2008 at 15:49:16
Name: Hitpoints: Health:
Werewolf [-D-] The GodFather 84.22 1260.08
Vampire zarutobi 0 [size=150]1[/size]
Winner: [-D-] The GodFather
[-D-] The GodFather looted 419 Gold! [-D-] The GodFather received 0 and zarutobi received 1 experience points!

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